The Ultimate Forever Gift


 Start with our signature Pixie Necklace

Start your new gifting journey with a bespoke necklace tailored to your loved one including stunning freshwater pearls, selected for their beauty and quality.

This handmade necklace arrives in a uniquely designed three-tier Pixie Pearls jewellery box, perfect for her bedside.

Choose your necklace combination:


Pearl colour:

- Classic white

- Pink

- Lilac

- Tahitian


Number of pearls:

- 3

- 5


Necklace chain colour:

- Silver

- Rose Gold

Enjoy the beauty of the gifting experience,

the confidence of gifting smart and the luxury of time saved in the future. 

Beautifully gifting love

At Pixie Pearls we believe all women should own quality pearls. We make this possible via a fun and simple gifting journey; one that also inspires conscious consumerism and minimises waste.

With Pixie Pearls you continue to gift pearls at each special occasion to form the ultimate 'forever gift' - a beautiful and classic pearl necklace that will be cherished forever. 

Knowing your gift is sorted for years to come will save you time and last-minute shopping stress, often spent on disposable gifts.

Pixie Pearls are perfect for all gifting occasions: Christmas, birthdays, christenings, graduations, and even weddings.

Gift smart. Invest beautifully. Gift Pixie Pearls.

Why people love Pixie...

I'm happy to be investing in my daughter's future by gifting her something that she can keep forever. It makes so much sense. She can pass it down as an heirloom and she will always remember and hold dear that it's from me.


Gifting with Pixie Pearls makes my life so much easier. I know where to go every year for my god daughter's birthday present, will save so much time not needing to look for gifts. It always takes ages and now that problem is solved for the next 10 years!


The Pixie necklace is beautiful! I've been wearing it everyday since my boyfriend gave it to me because it looks good with work outfits and casual on the weekends. I love it!


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