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Enjoy these benefits:

1. Recipient - The Pixie Pearls necklace or earrings are stunning stand-alone pieces of jewelry on girls and women, worn casually, in a business setting or a formal occasion. The necklace grows into a timeless and elegant piece, set to last through the ages, and can be passed on to future generations.

2. Gifter - Your beautiful gift is a piece of investment jewelry that will increase in sentimental value and treasured over time. Pixie Pearls gifting offers the convenience of knowing what you’re gifting for years to come, saying goodbye to last-minute shopping stress.​

3. Environment - The commitment to the collection of pearls over time says goodbye to wasteful consumer habits and forgettable gifts that lasts a short while. Reducing waste will help turn the tide on environmental damage, making all of us feel great about our contribution to society.

Surprise your loved one, no waiting!

Purchase a full strand, pre-packaged with individual Pixie pearl sets so you can gift as often as you like 

without the wait for shipping.

We can tailor to suit all your gifting needs.

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