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Our Story

As a godmother and auntie, Grace was familiar with the challenges of finding the perfect gift.

Many of her friends, who were also professionals or mothers with busy schedules, faced similar problems spending hours online or running around shopping before a niece or daughter’s birthday party searching for that something special.


But they often found their gifts were soon forgotten, with parents 'rehoming' or disposing of them a short while after. Well-intended gifts then end up in landfills, adding to our global waste problem.


Grace saw this same pattern repeated year after year, in household after household. She felt there had to be a better alternative…a gift that was beautiful, classic and everlasting…and that’s when Pixie Pearls was born.


At Pixie Pearls, your love and gifting translate into a timeless investment pearl necklace cherished by your loved one forever. Our unique gifting system starts with a bespoke hand made necklace, complete with a jewellery box. More pearls are gifted for each subsequent special occasion which grows the collection into a bracelet and full strand necklace. 

Our gifting philosophy aims to create positive social and environmental change through conscious consumerism, providing a better future for our children.  

"I wanted to create a beautiful gift that I would give my own daughter.

A gift grown women (including me) would love and want to wear as well.

Pixie Pearls provides women with valuable, classic and timeless fashion pieces they can enjoy for years and pass on to future generations.

No waste, just a great investment gifted with love. There is nothing more precious than that!"


Grace Huang


GIA certified Graduate of Pearls

Gift smart.

Invest beautifully.

Gift Pixie Pearls.