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The Pixie Pearls Journey

 Step 1. Start with our signature Pixie Necklace

Start your new Pixie Pearls gifting journey with a bespoke necklace for your loved one including superior freshwater pearls, selected for their beauty and quality.

This handmade necklace arrives in a uniquely designed three-tier Pixie Pearls jewellery box, perfect for her bedside.

Choose your necklace combination:


Pearl colour:

- Classic white

- Pink

- Lilac

- Tahitian


Number of pearls:

- 3

- 5


Necklace chain colour:

- Silver

- Rose Gold

Step 2. Gift / Collect  Pixie Pearls with each special occasion

With each special occasion more pearls sets are gifted, ever-growing the collection and nests in the Pixie jewellery box. Once enough pearls are received, Pixie Pearls will thread them into a bracelet or full strand pearl necklace using the finest double knotted silk thread. 

The collection of pearls and sentimental value of your gift grows with each special occasion. By sharing this unique gifting journey you're creating joyful memories together and imparting principles of patience and appreciation.


Enjoy these benefits:

  1. For the recipient - The Pixie Pearls signature necklace is a stunning stand-alone piece of jewelry that looks great on girls and women, worn casually, in a business setting or a formal occasion. The necklace grows into a timeless and elegant piece, set to last through the ages and can be passed on to future generations.

2. For the gifter - Your gift is a beautiful piece of jewellery and also an investment item that will only become more special over time. With quality pearls, you can be confident your gift will be treasured and Pixie Pearls offers the convenience of knowing what you’re gifting for years to come, saying goodbye to last-minute shopping stress.​

3. For the environment - The commitment to the collection of pearls over time means saying goodbye to wasteful consumer habits and disposable (oftentimes cheap plastic) gifts that last a short while. Reducing waste will help turn the tide on environmental damage.

Surprise your loved one whenever you like!

Purchase a full strand, specially packaged to suit your gifting needs so you can gift as often as you like without needing to revisit the Pixie store. 

 Final Step- Enjoy the full strand pearl necklace

We will custom string the pearls together using the finest double knotted silk thread creating a classic and coveted item to be worn through the ages. 


 Expand your collection 

There are no limits to your Pixie Pearls collection.

Explore bracelet options as well as different colour combinations.

The classic Pixie Pearls jewellery pieces will become valued wardrobe staples.

Perfect to wear every day, for every occasion.

 Lifelong Appreciation

When gifted to a young lady, Pixie Pearls creates treasured moments while imparting lifelong lessons of patience, value, and appreciation.


A beautiful, full strand pearl necklace is an ultimate gift that will be cherished forever.